Ben Affleck’s New Film with Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are ready to work together on a new project. The celebrity couple have confirmed their collaboration in an upcoming film titled ‘Unstoppable,’ which follows the story of Anthony Robles, a legendary athlete born with one leg, who won a national championship at Arizona State University.

The 53-year-old actress is set to star in the film, while Ben Affleck and his longtime collaborator Matt Damon will be producing with their company Artists Equity. This is not the first time Jennifer and Ben work together, as they previously starred in the 2003 romantic comedy ‘Gigli.’

The actress and performer has also influenced other projects produced by Ben and Matt, including their first feature film ‘Air’ with Artists Equity. The two actors, who also star in the project alongside Viola Davis, Jason Bateman and Chris Tucker, revealed that Jennifer was involved in the creative process and pre-production stages.

“I started writing and working with Matt, and Jen gave me some great lines too,” Ben said during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “Oh my God, she’s brilliant. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the way fashion evolves through the culture as a confluence of music, sports, entertainment and dance.”

More details about their second feature film have yet to be revealed, including additional casting for the project. However we can expect to see Jennifer’s influence both on screen and behind the scenes, as the three stars are known to have good chemistry when it comes to filmmaking.