Ben Affleck’s ‘Broken’ Batman

Ben recently did an interview with The New York Times. You can read the full interview below and check out a new photo of Ben from the interview in our gallery.

“He’s living in this gray zone,” Mr. Affleck said of his Batman. “He’s more broken, not slick. He’s filling the hole in his soul with these increasingly morally questionable nighttime excursions — fighting crime as well as by being this playboy.” With a chuckle, he added: “You wonder, is this healthy?”

On the morning of the Academy Awards, Ben Affleck was at my hotel door. He entered with neither the swagger of Bruce Wayne nor the bravado of Batman, just with a quiet apology for postponing this conversation, planned for the day before, when he said he’d come down with a migraine.

“It would have been a delirious interview,” he said through a hangdog smile. “I don’t know that it would have been good for either one of us.”

This is a feverish, perplexing time for Mr. Affleck, 43, as strange as seeing him stuff his brawny, 6-foot-4-inch frame into a cramped room, flop into a chair and stretch his legs across my bed.

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“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Beijing Press Conference

Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, and Zack Snyder attended a press conference for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” today in Beijing, China. I’ve added a few photos from the conference to the gallery.

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Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill & Jesse Eisenberg take shots at each other

The leading men of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice compete for your attention on the red carpet. Watch as they talk superhero sized smack and enter to hang with them at the premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. ENTER HERE:

Every entry of $10 or more supports three remarkable causes, personally selected by Henry Cavill, Jesse Eisenberg and Ben Affleck: Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, SEED Project and Eastern Congo Initiative.

Scans from Entertainment Weekly (March 11)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is featured in the March 11th issue of Entertainment Weekly. As promised, I have added high quality digital scans from the issue to the gallery! I’ve also included Henry’s cover if any of you wanted to see it! The movie is out in 3 weeks!

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Entertainment Weekly Cover: Behind the brawl of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is featured on this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly! You can check out Ben as Batman on the cover below! I’ll be adding scans once the issue releases!

Entertainment Weekly crashes through the wall around Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for a look at an onscreen battle decades in the making. In this week’s cover story, we explore what provokes hero to turn against hero, how this movie launches at least 10 more in the DC Comics universe, and what to expect from Wonder Woman’s first big-screen appearance in her 75-year history. To buy both collectible covers, head here – and subscribe now for the exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW.

Batman is angrier than ever. And Superman is starting to lose his mild manners, too. At the start of director Zack Snyder’s new film (out March 25), Metropolis is still rebuilding after the skyscraper-leveling brawl that ended 2013’s Man of Steel, and Batman has been at work as an underground vigilante in nearby Gotham for many years. Maybe too long.

Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is starting to wonder if he ever really saved anyone, or if he just made things worse. “He’s projecting his own sense of failure, his own sense of disillusionment, his own cynicism onto Superman,” Affleck tells EW.

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